Summer BBQ Buffet

Already have a BBQ set up and just need some divine food already prepared for you? We can bring along and leave with you or stay and serve & join the party.


Mojito mocktail shooter

Hawaiin salmon poke canapé

Buffalo mozzarella crostini with pesto (v)


Marinated chicken skewers – Tikka, Korean BBQ, Cajun, or lemon & thyme

Lamb kofta with mint raita dip

Goddard’s award winning sausages of many flavours

Roast vegetable & halloumi kebabs (v)

Middle Eastern style mini stuffed peppers (v)

King prawn skewers with honey & lemon marinade

Selection of seasonal salad bowls, artisan bread with oil & balsamic glaze


Summer berry bowl, award-winning Saffron icecreams, mini Summer Puddings with Cornish clotted cream