A Summer Salad for your recipe folder – do you have one? I certainly do with snippets torn from Sunday supplements & ideas scribbled on restaurant serviettes. Sauce splattered, crisp aged selotape and coffee ringed, much loved and adored.

Asian Prawn Salad (gluten free)
Adapt quantities to suit. Handful of any lettuce greens (rocket & pea shoots I like), 1 ripe avocado, 1 mango, raw king prawns, coriander, limes, sesame oil, 1 chilli (hot or mild), red onion, rice vermicelli, sesame seeds, sweet chilli sauce, tamari sauce.
Soak noodles for few minutes in boiled water. Drain with cold water & toss in sesame oil to coat. Finely chop chilli – leave out seeds. Heat frying pan & saute prawns, about 2 minutes, then leave to cool on a plate. Slice mango into chunks. Thinly slice onion. Slice avocado into chunks and squeeze lime juice over. Make dressing – 2 tbsp chilli sauce, dash of Tamari, juice of lime, dash of sesame oil.
Now arrange salad with leaves, then chopped noodles, mango, onion, avo & coriander. Pour any prawn juice into the dressing. Give it a good shake and taste (add more of the above if needed) Toss some dressing into the salad, arrange prawns on top. Add ground black pepper and more dressing to taste. Enjoy with a lovely cold glass of White Rioja xxx